Hundred Grand logoAt a young age, Yohnee Miller overcame homelessness and focused on barbering skills as her chosen path, only discovering later that her grandmother was also a barber in California a generation earlier. So, it’s no surprise that Ms. Miller has been able to transform her hard work into a flourishing business; it’s in her blood! She is the owner of Hundred Grand Barbershop, a full-service barbershop with a focus on skills-building educational workshops and classes, open since 2015 in Clinton Hill.

FAB: Where are you from originally?
Yohnee Miller: Springfield, Massachusetts

FAB: How did you get started in this business, especially barbering, which is male-dominated?
Yohnee: My grandmother was a barber. Knowing she was able to do it gave me the confidence I needed to know I could do it, too. Working with men has had its challenges but it has only made me stronger and wiser.

FAB: How has the business/industry changed since you first opened?
Yohnee: The business has grown. It has diversified. It relies on social media a lot more. [The shop has] become a second home. It almost feels like I’m sitting in my living room with my family every weekend.

Barber Yohnee Miller with client cutting hair

FAB: Why did you choose Clinton Hill for the location for your business?
Yohnee: I love this neighborhood; I love the energy. The movies in the park, the music [events] nearby. I just knew it was the place for me.

FAB: What’s your favorite FAB-area business (besides your own)?
Yohnee: I have three places I frequently visit: The Good Batch, Mr. Melon and Fulton Thai (I love their bubble tea!)

FAB: Owing a business is tough. How can FAB help with resources and information?
Keep the mixers going; do it at different locations and businesses. It keeps us [business owners] connected. FAB could also help put together a program where there are discounts available to neighborhood workers of other businesses; it’s a way we can support each other.

FAB: What knowledge/advice would you share with another small business owner, perhaps specifically, another female entrepreneur?
[I’d tell them] follow your gut. Don’t be afraid. If God got you this far, He will sustain you. People won’t agree with you, but as long as you agree with yourself, that’s all that matters.

FAB: What is the “Hundred Grand experience,” the thing that sets you apart from other businesses?
Well, I’m the owner, and that sets us apart right away. Then, there’s the family vibe. And every barber in my shop is excellent. Gee, Slash, our newest barber Chris and myself will give you just about any haircut you desire and give you top quality service.

FAB: What’s new or next for Hundred Grand Barbershop?
Definitely, we’re gonna add some new services: facials, massages, etc. Big changes coming soon, but I prefer to keep it a secret for now.

FAB FAST FACTS with Yohnee!
Shears or Clippers? Clippers
Nets or Knicks? Nets
French fries or baked potato? French fries
Nas or Jay-Z? Jay-Z
Fill in the blank: A perfect weekend is… a busy weekend.


Hundred Grand Barbershop
464 Grand Ave. (Fulton)
Clinton Hill, Brooklyn 11238
(347) 972-2889

Open Mon. – Sun.
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