From merchant assistance and marketing
to ensuring clean and safe streets for all

From merchant assistance and marketing to ensuring clean and safe streets for all


FAB FULTON works on many levels to provide assistance to the small businesses that make up the district. That assistance can take the form of direct help on issues involving city regulations or agencies; connecting merchants with emergency assistance; creating cross–promotional opportunities; helping with neighborhood issues; and working with elected officials and city agencies on their behalf. There are also a wide range of services available from other non-profits and government sources for small business and FAB brings those to the merchants by providing information on free seminars and workshops to help them and their business; referrals for pro-bono legal assistance; information and advocacy for direct loan and grant programs; tips on programs that help them save money on their electric bills – and more.

Clean Streets

FAB FULTON kicked off its Sanitation Services in October 2009 when workers took to Fulton Street to empty overflowing garbage cans, sweep litter off sidewalks and remove flyers, stickers and graffiti from light posts and other street furniture. During the winter, they will be removing snow at the corners to make things easier on pedestrians. The workers are out there 6 days a week (7 days in warmer weather when more people are out) and are easily identifiable by their uniforms that have them looking FAB! The district was one of the first to secure recycling containers once the New York City Council expanded its recycling program. Containers are installed near subway entrances at high-traffic locations along Fulton Street and public plazas. FAB FULTON works with Graffiti Free NYC to have graffiti removed from locations on buildings and security gates throughout the BID district. In addition, FAB sanitation crews remove graffiti from lamp posts, mail boxes and other street furniture. More than 300 instances of graffiti have been removed.

District Marketing

Building awareness of all that Fulton Street has to offer, driving foot traffic to local merchants and generating interest of entrepreneurs in the vacant spaces are key functions of FAB Fulton. Fulton Street is lined with bright, colorful banners hanging from 50 light posts in Clinton Hill and Fort Greene that enhance the vibrant retail strip and build awareness for all there is to see and do throughout the district. FAB FULTON also produces and prints annual guides of all the businesses in the district that are distributed widely throughout the community.

Community Safety

FAB FULTON coordinates with the New York Police Department, the Brooklyn District Attorney, Community Board 2 and other city agencies to improve public safety in the district. FAB spearheads a coalition of groups working to mitigate quality-of-life issues at key locations and worked with former New York City Council Member Letitia James and the 88th Precinct to install security cameras. FAB successfully persuaded the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) to install a traffic signal at the intersection of Waverly Avenue, near the location of a school; and worked with the DOT to improve pedestrian safety at several intersections by reducing the distance of the cross-walks and other measures. FAB also works to increase street lighting levels where needed. Merchants in the district are connected with information and updated on issues and trends by FAB on how to be safe in their stores.